Vilnius is a city whose mystery of appeal will probably never be unravelled. With the spectrum of the feelings and fates of the people who have lived here and the touch of the angel of eternity, Vilnius pulls us into the vortex of time and history and quietly invites us to live here believing in this city and understanding its special language.

VERBO and CREDO are the two words that have become the basis of the philosophy of the VILNIUS CLUB. Founded in 1998, the club brought together the most active people of Vilnius from the fields of business, science, and culture. Once brought to Vilnius from all corners of Lithuania, current residents of Vilnius have fallen in love with this city and become its committed ambassadors. These are the people whose work, hobbies, talents, or business enrich the capital of Lithuania and make it famous.

Members of the VILNIUS CLUB have contributed their talents, ideas, and funds to creating the future of the city and its people, nurturing its spirit, and making holidays and weekdays more flamboyant to brighten the faces of the people living and working in Vilnius.

“Let no work be either too large or too small that I would not be able to do for the sake of the capital of Lithuania,” says the oath of the VILNIUS CLUB. These words are pronounced in faith that they will become deeds.

Members of the VILNIUS CLUB observe the Statute and the Charter of the Club, participate fairly in charity and aid campaigns of the Club, honestly fulfil all membership-related duties and responsibilities, and actively participate in the activities and events of the Club.

President of the VILNIUS CLUB – Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius. Chairman of the VILNIUS CLUB – Alvydas Žabolis. Director of the VILNIUS CLUB – Judita Bartoševičienė.

The office for the use of the VILNIUS CLUB is at Trakų g. 2 / Pylimo g. 24, in Vilnius, former Umiastowski Palace (currently the building is being prepared for restoration).