The Vilnius Club is a private club, founded in 1998, which brings together creative and forward-thinking residents of Vilnius from the fields of business, science, politics and culture to nurture Vilnius into an innovative and multi-cultural 21th century city. 
The Club encourages the City to retain its distinctive identity while attracting people from all over the world to visit, live, and work here. Since its inception, its members have contributed their talents, ideas, and resources to enrich the life of the City and its inhabitants. 
The Club organizes a wide variety of activities. These range from hosting lectures, discussions, weekly luncheons and dinners to fine arts and reading groups. It is also very active in supporting fund-raising for local charities and supporting projects and initiatives to shape the City's future while preserving its traditions.
Every year the Club organizes the Vilnius Identity Conference, an opportunity to explore the social and historical diversity, complexity and richness of Vilnius. Since the 14th Century, Vilnius has been the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and home to a diversity of national cultures and religions. They have shaped the City's past and are essential to its future.
The Club organizes regular trips to other countries where members meet with the Lithuanian diaspora and promote the opportunities and quality of life Vilnius has to offer.
The Vilnius Club is housed in an unique location - the former stately mansion of the Umiastovski family, located in the heart of the Old Town. Through the contribution of its members, the building is being restored to its former glory.
While a private club, the Mayor of Vilnius has always been its President. The Club is administered by 4 Senators, 9 Members of the Board and Director. 
The Vilnius Club looks forward to working with people from around the world to promote Vilnius as a tourist, business, and cultural destination.

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